English: Cropped memo from Murry Chotiner to H...
English: Cropped memo from Murry Chotiner to H.R. Haldeman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foreshore and …1000s of years ago, there came a name… and it came out of Switzerland, Prussia and Germany… it was the HALDEMAN name.   Now many of you are wondering, honest to god what is my relation with this name?  You must be going “You, author… are you related to any other Haldemans?”  – My friend, the answer isn’t simple.    You have to see the tree i’m building, tracing my history back and forth and trying to do it all without travelling.

I’m unsure of my relation to H.R. Haldeman, or even Joe Haldeman the prolific Sci Fi writer – but I do know that i’m related to Robert S. Haldeman – and his father John Clayton Haldeman III.   That is, because one’s my dorky loving father and the other was my Grandfather who to this day would be proud of me – Shirley Cotter Still Haldeman would be too in her own way.   Anyways, enough of the sob stories about family who passed.

I know the roots of our family come direct from Switzerland through my grandfather’s side, that is for the Haldeman family.  I’m also a Stephens, so i’m Irish, German and well.. German.   So yes, i’m related to David Stephens the Crime writer,  and my mother who’s Mary Margaret (Stephens)!   I’m also related to my cousin Monica Stephens who’s writing a Law Drama book at the moment.

Two of the not so updated pages i have are:

Right now in 2016/2017 I can add the current information that I can confirm from the Haldeman line i’m related to:

I sadly am not related to the wonderful visionary Elon Musk who’s haldeman relatives are from Minnesota.  My Grandmother and Grandfather lived in the east coast before moving to Minnesota.  My uncles, (unable to confirm if both) may have both been born in Minnesota – but i know my father Robert Still Haldeman was born in Minnesota.  Making me only 2nd generation.

Also, according to parts of the family on my mother’s side – Irish is the keyword.  Armagh, Mayo and a few other plays ring a bell.  Stephens, Fitzpatrick and a few other surnames are listed in my mom’s rattling off to other people of Irish descent.

Currently all i know is that my last name was never originally spelled “Haldeman” – as my family on my paternal side, is not related to H R Haldeman, Joe Haldeman or even Elon Musk – or the Robert and Mary Haldeman of Minneapolis.  (Yea, somehow you two kept getting your mail crossed to my parents – sorry?)   I beleive the spelling was Haldimann, or Haldiman, dating back to the 1500s in Switzerland.   That isn’t to say that maybe i’m wrong, and i am related somewhere – but the snapping point is Samuel Stehman (spelling?) Haldeman is not related to me but is related to HR and Joe and Elon Musk if i’m correct.

While there is german in my blood, you must go back through and see WHICH german it is if you want the correct details.  Not that i mind, but as much of a hobby genealogist I am – I get confused, and mess up quite easily.

Though i found out my ex is about 17 generations back my cousin, thank god we never met and copulated – because that would creep me out. He was related to my Grandmother on my mother’s side I beleive.

If you know of anything about the Haldemans, or Haldimann name – Give me a yell, holler or whatnot.  I’m here, and I’m happy to play connect the dots!

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