Terms and Conditions

As always with ordering products and getting custom orders made there are a few slight conditions that you’ll need to know before contacting me for customer service. These terms, policies etc cover Refunds, Replacements and Repairs.  They also cover time limits, monetary fees and Cancellations.  There is a minor copy of this on the facebook page, and there has been a few versions with former websites and another version on the main store.

These do not cover the online stores – Etsy, Storenvy or Redbubble unless you’re ordering a custom order.


Refunds are a tricky factor, sometimes you bend the rules and sometimes you have a staunch fact of policies to prevent needing to do refunds.   If you ordered an item that was damaged, or not to standard or possibly not what you expected (wrong order?) – a replacement or negotiation for a suitable refund can happen.

For items that were NOT custom made, and are either damaged, incorrect or otherwise – you have 30 days from payment to be able to process a FULL REFUND.  After that, you have 7-10 working days to have a PARTIAL refund processed.   If you’ve damaged your item after the two process periods, you can apply of course for a repair or a swap.  You’ll have to either arrange pickup or pay for the shipping fees for either option.   Don’t worry, when there’s a will there is a way.

Custom items refund and cancellations are handled under another section.

Contact Details (For Customer Service):

First of all ANZ does not show me your bank account when you pay.  If you don’t have a copy of your receipt handy it’s ok. So when you ask for a refund please do one of the following:
  • TEXT or CALL +64 22 678 8131
  • Skype pretzelkarma.
  • Sign into the SLACK team for Fenix Fire Designs – and send me a DM or poke me in a channel.
  • Direct message my personal facebook, or preferably the Fenix Fire Designs or J E Haldeman business pages.
Of course any way you need to get ahold of me, try – sometimes everyone has different options.  This also includes if you see me on the street, in the mall or even online! 🙂


Pending supplies being available either locally or actually in stock, your item on average will take 1-3 business weeks to finish and send out.  This allows for printing time, and the fact that I work part time, and now study full time.

Please note that if supplies are not in stock, and ordering comes from overseas (mainly for glass dome supplies) – orders may take 3-6 weeks to complete and send out.

If you require a cancellation within this period, please note the details below.


Custom order cancellation and refunds and cancellation fees are handled here.


  • Must be made within 7 days of order or within 24-48 hours of payment completion
    This allows for compliance with refunds, or changes to your order. If your payment has been completed, but you require a cancellation – you can only get a full refund when the money processes.
  • Processing Cancellations after the 48 hour mark incur a %50 reduction on your refund.
  • Cancellations in the section of time during your order completion, incur no refunds and a $10 cancellation fee on orders of $50 or more, and $5 on $25 or more, and $3 for all other smaller orders. This is to cover lost time and effort over a personalized order.
  • If your order has been processed, and you require a change in your custom order beyond a 3 week span, you will be re-charged for the item plus a small handling fee for emergency custom supply orders.  On smaller orders under $25 a handling fee of $1.50, and $50.00 and above incur a $3.00 handling fee.  If it’s an overseas order you’ll still require a shipping fee as well.


Thank you for participating in being a customer, and much regards to understanding the policies laid out above.