I’m J E Haldeman, of Fenix Fire Designs – I’m an author, designer and student.  I’m journeying along on my own all over again to showcase myself and my talents.  Writing is a passion, crafting is a habit – and design/art is well more than both combined.  I’m a Capricorn/Gemini Rising, and i’d what you classify as “genderqueer” – maybe normal, maybe not?

Other strange things about me that matter:  Triple threat High Functioning Autism, Aspergers and Adult ADHD.   This can totally mean my posts and my blog writing are out of order and strange to read.  Please, by all means comment and critique – I’m not afraid of what others have to say.  Don’t feel like you have to walk on eggshells, i’m in my 30s now – i’m more aware of others than some may think.

Upcoming in 2017- I am returning to the Bachelor of Communication Design – and when I am allowed I’ll be showing off some of my work.  This is a huge step for me as well, frankly I never thought after messing up the first chance i got – i’d ever be worth it again.  I was originally going for a smaller degree with a place in Christchurch, but their programs were not offered at the times I was able to accept easily.   I still hold a shining light for the fact someone ACTUALLY looked at my work without an interview – and thought i was worth going to a program for Art/Design.   Even better, that i’ve been accepted into the three year degree at Otago Polytechnic – and will be under the tutelage of my old lecturers who had always had a great eye for things. (And no, i’m not just sucking up – my classmates graduated, nearly 9 years ago – i’d like to think i can do the same through this again!)

It’s taking me far longer than I’d like to finish Cathartic Nightmare, as I keep finding new additions to the ongoing series to write about.  People, their stories and histories that change and research to develop a deeper sense of meaning in the story.  As i figure out more about myself through my adult life, the more i’m changing and putting the correct pie slices on the correct plates.

I am entirely a movie buff, and a fandom nerd.  I will review things and yack on about things when i can. I’ll save the memes for my tumblr, which is obviously public. Though I warn you, I never remember my tumblr account details, so which one is working you’ll just have to check the post dates.  My current fandoms of TV are Supernatural, DC TV Universe, Quantico, Blindspot and Lucifer… and Lucifer isn’t TECHNICALLY DC TV Universe because well they haven’t put him on The CW yet.

Best two books ever: Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Books I have yet to ever finish in under a year but have a special nerd heart for: The Dragonlance Series.


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