Liked on YouTube: AMVs Killed The J Rock Star

AMVs Killed The J Rock Star
A Mouse With A Mustache Productions presents his 18th Anime Music Video, AMVs Killed the J-Rock Star.

This video competed at Anime Mid Atlantic 2009 and won Best Upbeat and was Runner Up for Best of Show. (The winner of Best of Show was a well deserved comedy video)

I was planning on competing with this video at a few other competitions, but I’ve decided to stop sending my videos to a bunch of conventions for competition. I’ve won my share of awards, and plan on competing at local events, then posting them online. I almost became a film editor at one time, and I’m in it not to win, but to entertain people, so enjoy!

Editing for this video took almost 8 months, and very high end hardware and software. During rendering, I maxed out my RAM and processing power. It had to be rendered in five second intervals, and later combined into a finished product.

And before anyone asks, I’m sorry but… NO! You can’t do this with Windows Movie Maker. I used an Apple iMac, with a 3.06 GHz dual core processor, and 4 GB of RAM. The source material and testing files took over 650 GB of hard disk. And the software used was DVD Shrink, Virtual Dub Mod, Adobe After Effects CS4, Adobe Premiere CS4, and Final Cut Pro.
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