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Why is Peter Quill Called STAR-LORD? || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync
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Peter Quill leads the Guardians of the Galaxy as Star-Lord. But why is he called “Star-Lord”? Let’s dive into the history of the character and his many different origins to uncover the answer to this mystery! What do you think about the reason given in the Marvel Studios film? Let me know in the comments!

For the record, this video came out before the movie did. So before you comment about what really happened in the movie, just know that I was completely speculating and had no idea what the reason would actually be in the film. Thanks!

Also, with the whole “Astrology vs Astronomy” thing, I did not misspeak. The original influence of the character was astrology, not astronomy. It is said so very blatantly in the introduction page of the comic that was written by Steve Englehart himself. Englehart was a HUGE believer in astrology and wanted to heavily work that into the character. Peter was born and his fate was sealed when the planets aligned a certain way, and was chosen to be Star-Lord when the planets aligned another way, etc. Again, I was only using “astrological” because that was the influence of the character. Any time I say “astrological” I honestly mean “astrological” because I am going by what the creator of the character explicitly stated. Even though there are lots of astronomical things in the book, astrology takes those astronomical phenomena and relates them to the human world. Planets aligning? That’s astronomical. Planets aligning when Peter was born and sealing his destiny? That’s astrological, and was the main influence of the character. Hope that clears everything up!

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