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I’m Transgender
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Felix realized , at a very young age, that there was something different about her. She didn’t like playing with Barbie dolls or other “girly” things, didn’t like wearing dresses. She liked hanging out with the boys, playing with action figures, and remote control cars, shooting hoops, and getting dirty, playing in the mud. She even liked playing with frogs, and bugs – stuff that the other “little girls” wanted nothing to do with.

It seemed that the kids she was surrounded by didn’t really like her, and she got picked on and bullied a lot – she didn’t fit in, and this made her really sad.

Then, when she started to reach puberty, it got even harder. She felt fat, and unattractive, and, on top of that, she got made fun of for being a Tomboy. But, she knew, it wasn’t just that she was a tomboy, wasn’t just that she didn’t fit right in with the girls her age – it was bigger than that. It was her sexuality and identifying with gender. She did not feel like a girl but maybe more like a boy; something did not feel right at all. She felt like there was something missing inside of her, something more to her that wasn’t able to come out.

She always felt awkward somehow and really didn’t know who she was, until, one day on her new phone, she discovered the term: Transgender. She googled it, looked it up, and suddenly, her life, and feelings, and her history made so much more sense to her. She realized that she was transgender! For the first time in her life, how she felt about herself and who she was, made sense.

Felix didn’t tell anyone until the eighth grade. He was too afraid of how they would react, too scared to come out, sure that the kids around him wouldn’t like him, and wouldn’t accept him. Bullies, mean girls, mean kids, judgmental parents and teachers, all weighed on his mind with anxiety and worry. Would students and other people hate him? Would a bully pick on him? Would he be made fun of and the brunt of jokes, bad looks and bad and mean comments? It was a lot for him to process at that time in his life.

But, to his surprise, nobody hated him for being transgender, in fact, so many friends showed that they cared, and tried hard to understand that Felix was a he, not a she. It did not mean he was gay. He was just a “he”. Not everyone understood, but Felix forgave them that, he knew it wasn’t an easy thing to understand. kids can be mean and embarrassing but he could get over that.

Now, with a new understanding about himself, Felix is happy with who he is, and finally, feels really proud to be himself. Whether he calls himself transgender or not, if he ask himself Who Am I? He is just Felix. It turns out discovering and knowing who you are is one critical piece to may you happy in life. Accepting and living who you are is the next part.

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