Limits to Life

This is one of those quasi-reviews, quasi-sort of view on the way technology has ruined childhood for many of these kids these days.  This is also one of those I was on the toilet when I thought about this blog post.  As I’ve been sitting here home alone for the past three or four days trying to battle my anxiety with binge watching TV shows and movies.

Ok so before I go into my long drawn out “I’m an adult I have rights ya know” rant – Let me point out what I have been binge watching.

  • Star Trek 2009
  • Star Trek 2013
  • Limitless TV Show
  • Mad Max Fury Road (like the first half hour)

I have Jumper and Ted 2 left to watch, but the last DVD of Limitless didn’t work (and it isn’t worth complaining about because I found the season finale online somewhere..) – once I get my head around all these dishes and laundry I’ll come back to the lazy couch and watch the rest of this stuff…  I have to work at 5 am tomorrow, and I have a load of stuff to do tomorrow.

Ok so this whole I’m an adult, I have rights yo – comes from the fact I was on the can (Post chilli cheese Fritos disaster… which was merely just I had junk food and I should limit it because it’s not only unhealthy but – Dad only sent me so much stuff, and my Gardettoes will only make me feel worse so I’ll save the half open bag of that for tomorrow or something..)  – anyways, I was on the John, the porcelain God.  Not the religious porcelain version of Christ, just that crapper thing that some guy named CRAPPER actually supposedly invented.

I warn you, I sort of sometimes ya know – take on a bit of the crap I watch for two days straight.  It’s why I don’t let myself binge watch, but instead, I let myself for once! WHEE ADULTHOOD!

Ads, the junk mail – I brought it all in out from the mailbox when I got back from walking the dog.  One of them was the Noel Leeming (ya know like Best Buy, or Circuit City or whatever large ass conglomerate we have back home) – ad, and they have this new thing that I never noticed…  BYOD.

I wondered if that meant “Bring your own Drink” – but evidently, you can’t become some overnight alcoholic and get AA meetings at Noel Leemings while surfing facebook on their network.  As great of an episode of Limitless or maybe even 40-year-old virgin this theory may sound, you’re gonna cringe when you find what it really means.

“Bring your own Device”


“Allows students of Primary (Elementary), Intermediate (Middle School) and High School as well as Tertiary Students to use technological devices to aid them in learning.”

Last time I checked, we still lived in a society where doodling in your notebook cause you were bored was A-OK.  Not letting the kids check facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr all while they’re getting taught trigonometry at the age of 4.  Honestly, half the time I’m turning into my Dad when it comes to technology.

Ok. I take that back, I inherited the “KICK IT TIL IT WORKS” long before I became a tiny bit of an IT nerd.  You want to know how that actually works?  It doesn’t, I managed to dislodge a graphics card or something once hitting the side panel of a desktop PC. I was in my early 20s.  I might have even been late teens – whatever the age, I was a piss poor nerd when it came to computers.

But let me tell you one thing – as much as I agree with some items, the advent of using Ipads in the classroom in a CONTROLLED environment with kids is great, but the advent of self-advised LAPTOPS?  Giving your 6-year-old a desktop?

Oh hang on, let’s just let them be adults, cause most PC security software and inbuilt Windows parental controls can be hacked into quite easily if the kids have any clue how to do things.

I know this, I actually managed to nearly kill a computer setting it up to begin with when we have a kid staying with us. I nearly even killed a tablet trying to set that all up, so we could stop the kids from spending 200 dollars worth of crap.  It happens, they do this and it’s annoying.

So, my question to you is WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU LET KIDS HAVE THEIR OWN TECH UNSUPERVISED IN SCHOOL?   What happened to actually just having computer labs?  Or at least supervised tech device use?

Cause the way I’ve seen the way the kids do things recently, there’s no supervision.  Not in the least, especially not in Dunedin.  Each year there’s more bullying and more tech and cyber bullying – so yea let’s just freaking let these kids go with tech!

Cyber-bullying wasn’t just started with the advent of cellphones – when the messenger services went live in the late 90s that when it was evident.  That’s not when it started but hell that’s when it was obvious.  So why is it that we don’t have a handle on our kids? We can’t erase it, but we can control it better.

I sound like some kind of asshole who’s doing this because they’ve had it done to them and if “I ever had kids I wouldn’t want them to go through this.”… No it’s just that I’ve been through it, and watched every kid in my mom’s youth group either do it, or be a victim of it.  Sometimes the victims fight back and become the next bully…

The problem is it’s not just the verbal, and the offline – it’s the cyber that scares me… So when I see this “bring your own device” – when are you going to find your ten year old looking up your porn sites?   Yea, when are they gonna download a virus that shuts down the whole school system cause they have shoddy firewalls?

What’s gonna happen when they’re playing World of Warcraft and trading items like they’re some 36 year old, and find out they’re meeting up later on with a local player and they think they’re some kid… but it’s some child abuser?  Where is the safety in our internet anymore?

Where is the safety in anything anymore?  Trump says the internet won’t be free anymore, but to be honest, there’s been less and less freedom since the “FREE INTERNET” came out years ago.  Censorship may suck, but in some forms it has a place – do you really want your five year old doing a book report on Fifty Shades of Grey?

Sure it’s cute when you see memes of kids accidentally drawing a parent as a stripper… but in all reality, no matter what your profession, or walk of life – parent, or not…  This new advent of less freedom or more censorship could be played to a good card for once.  We could go back 40 years on some level, and realize that the viruses that we’d unleashed in 8th grade are simple compared to the Identity stealing ones we’ve unleashed today.


I don’t expect trump to do be his best thing ever, but I have a feeling the republicans want him to fail so Mike Pence can takeover.  The thing is, if that’s the case – then Trump, you may not have my full respect but i’ll promise you one thing – I’ll find silver linings in things you do.  Your inaguaration party, no matter how big or small – you created a bunch of jobs for set up and clean up.  See? Silver Lining.  Sure, i’m pissed about ACA, but i’m not stateside so I kinda can’t say much right now, but I know my Dad’ll be somewhat OK cause he’s already on insurance.   Maybe you’re doing this because the idiot republicans that hired you for all of this, need to be taught a lesson – and you want to build things from the ground up…  Maybe not the best reason, but sure, i’ll give it to you.

But promise me this though- as i’m ranting on a tangent here about you instead of my actual topic…  PUH LEEZE show Melania a tiny bit more respect, and make sure Barron grows up to be the best he can be.  I won’t expect him to be a respectable OR un respectable human being, because he has to make his own choices when he gets older.  Yet if he asks you for a comic book, or a video game – let him, he needs a childhood.  I’m sure you had one, and i’m sure to a small extent your adult children has had some of one..


LIMITLESS….  (Yes this sort of ties in with the rest of the post LOL shut up)


I’m not giving this a full review, because all it’s going to be is a spaz on how awesome it was.  It’s more that I want to kinda poke at the drug they had in the movie and the TV show and why it’s interesting.

To anyone who’s normal and with 0 or very little mental health issues, that drug seems enticing.

Actually to be honest, it sounds like they basically took a version of Ritalin, made it clear and said “LOL GO STUDY”.   Ya know, that makes more sense – so from now on we’re going to jokingly call that drug NZT, Mega-Ritalin.

(By the way by now I gave up on letting grammarly correct my horrible grammar and structure.)

So this MEGA RITALIN cracks me up, because esentially what you did to Brian Finch was gave him High Functioning Austism,  Aspergers and Mega ADHD.  Then you fed him horribly over processed food,  MEGA RITALIN and miracle situations.

Though again, I loved the show – it just seemed to crack me up how you get 300 IQ from a drug.  I’m sure it’s possible to understand how to do a lot of what they did in the show, and some of the technology cracked me up..


So next time i’m trying to dig into my computer or get rid of a virus i’ll just post a kitty video.  Cause KITTY MEMES ARE COOL.

Basically, that drug is mega ritalin.


Cause you should see me off my medicaton, when you take ritalin and you’re ADHD it’s like taking NZT.  When you come off that crap it’s like “O__O HUURR HURRR HURRR HURRR” – and i’m on it legally.   I’m old enough i can function SOMEWHAT without it, but you’d be lucky to get anything PRODUCTIVE out of me.

It’s bad enough i’m ON it and am expreiencing high anxiety while i’m home alone, so bad i was binge watching TV on the couch holding a plush toy.   I didn’t finish the dishes, In fact i’m sitting here struggling to get my self OFF the couch to go finish the last few small things (nothing bad..) … It’s just that i’m amazed that someone that low on the food chain gets so high with the help of a drug like NZT / MEGA RITALIN.

It’s like if there was a drug like that on a lower format, at least y’know to cover things like Aspergers and Autism and ADHD – things to be a ble to unlock the locks that make us have an extremely hard time dealing with things…

It’d be great.  Concerta/Ritalin is only really for ADHD, and it’s a miracle drug to an extent – but in all honesty, something like NZT in a smaller form could help some people.  Not like in it’s full glory of “OMFG LOOK IM A MEGA SUPER ASSHOLE WITH SUPER INTELLIGENCE” (Sorry to the character of Brian Finch lol..)  “I DO ARTS AND CRAFTS TO EXPLAIN THIS CRIME THINGIE” … Cause i swear he probably had ADHD/Aspergers to begin with, and he never finished his music project!!


Yea, i’m out of things to say cause the dishes are screaming at me.


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