Unclaimed Veteran

Anyone  in the Killeen, TX area? There’s an unclaimed USAF veteran to be given final honors tomorrow. Here are the details:
I have just received notification of an unclaimed Vet (no next of kin) who we will be performing funeral honors for tomorrow. Sgt Ellis Ratliff, USAF Vet.
Honors tomorrow at Central Tx State
11463 St Hwy 195, Killeen, Tx
Honors will be at 1400. If it is possible to post it would be greatly appreciated


This information has been shared from a Facebook friend, and the opinions and views of my politics and political leanings do not matter when it comes to sharing this post.  If you are friends or family with this unclaimed individual, please get in touch or attend the honors.

War may not be something I agree with, but there are people who are you on the line trying to aid and defend other countries.  War and violence are unfortunatley a part of history, and will always be in our future.  Peace be with the family and friends of this individual in their time of need.

Thank you!


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