The “White” Knight – Racist Stupdity

For reference I’m blogging about an issue that came up via Resonate, a website for the voice of East Asians.  They specifically wrote about a Youtuber “Asian YouTuber Chris Warski has slammed Buzzfeed’s ’26 Questions Asians Have For White People’ video. ” 

Also the featured image is EUGENE himself, smothered in pizza. Enjoy.

So this issue weighed on me, i’m white – so you’d think i’d be right with this guy. Except that i’ve got nothing but respect for Eugene, and Buzzfeed isn’t stupid.  They’re going to side with what’s going to get the most action out, what the most views and good responses.  They’re not going to side wit the “I vote for trump hur hur hur and my kind are just dumpster types hur hur hur”  – which is kinda what i got out of this guy’s response.

For your reference, you’ll need to follow this link:

If you haven’t read it, i’m not pasting the issues in order or anything i’ll just respond and you just go back and click on the link.

I get it, i’m white – I shouldn’t respond, I have priveledge yadda yadda.  Tough shit, i’m kinda speaking out because frankly there should be no stereotypes ANYWHERE. And the white people are the problem in this instance.  Buzzfeed’s video was a generic 26 question to the general population about subjects that are targeted at asians.

So before I go in and respond to all the crap this guy’s said – let me just say I adore and respect Eugene from buzzfeed.  The guy’s got balls that most white guys don’t, and he can hold a tune better than Gackt in my opinon.  Difference in cultures yes, but Gackt is also boring now.

Issue One:  Ever seen Revenge of the Nerds, Scott Pilgrim, Napoleon Dynamite?  White Nerds. Just as funny.  Don’t give me no shit about ONLY ASIAN NERDS ARE FUNNY.

Issue Two:  I know and have heard of plenty of white men with tiny dicks. Stop pandering to the “WHITE KNIGHT” syndrome – do you have a small one, is this why you think this?

Issue three:  Why are you picking on Jackie Chan? The guy’s made a name for himself out of these types of movies in the west, ever thought to check out his actual Chinese and Hong Kong Cinema movies before yacking on like you’re some sort of expert on your own race? 😛

Issue Four: …..don’t make me get a baseball bat with this statement.  You just boxed yourself into a whole load of hurt saying casting white people in asian roles wasn’t racist.

Issue Five:  -_- …. please tell me you actually know something about your heritage. PLEASE.  I mean i’m irish, i’m german and i at least know history a little about it all…  WHY WOULD YOU SAY NIHAO TO ANYONE BUT A CERTAIN AREA OF CHINA? -_-

Issue Six:  You, probably eat hot dogs and chimichangas on a regular basis.  REAL DOGS? You realize they’re legal in Korea, but only certain breeds. So yea, also some people eat CATS and HORSES.

Issue Seven: What’s your IQ 54? You totally just went against Buzzfeed, a social media site who takes questions and ideas about current topics.  They’re of course smarter than you, they have a FUCKING TEAM OF PEOPLE TO CURATE THIS STUFF.

I realize that Resonate also shows another video of Warski’s work, but the questions posed in Buzzfeed are the general population’s response. Eugene is like not the only asian there, why is he whining about Eugene?

Leave Eugene Alone LOL.
So i’mma like slap you.
With a dead fish.

Or make you eat a jar of mayo, like Eugene does in some of the videos they’ve done.  Why are you whining about this when you know he’s done NON ASIAN TYPE videos before.

HELLO that man can sing, that man could be a KPOP star if he had the will to do it.  Let’s just admit you’re just a tiny bit sore that you’re just not as succesfull as some people.

I can’t stand it when people pander to white issues like this, like dude i’d not want a french person playing an Irish person.  Sure, i’m sure they could study Irish Gaelic and be fluent, but they’re FRENCH.  OK BAD EXAMPLE some french are celtic… >_> OK RUSSIANS!  They’re eastern europe, not celtic :P.

See my example? Bad example yes.


Yes it’s horribly BAD for Ralph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson.  (Does it mean i’ll avoid the tv show it’s in? Probably not, it’s entertainment – i’ll regard the faux pas as annoying and grode but MJ’s probably got white heritage in that african american mix.) [And i get that from like interviews that i read that they had Chinese, European or something mixed in with the African and other genomes.]

Ok well i’m done ranting, i encourage discussion on all my posts – so feel free to peel my discussion and arguments apart! 🙂


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