200 Years – Visual Art/Poem

Text reads:

200 Years we spend
Building an empire
Greed, deceit and lies
We spread it on
The online stratosphere

200 years we dig
Stealing the culture
Ripping history to shreds
Lying through the books
Just to raise a nation

Nobody trust us
Everybody mocks us

200 Years we stand
Pledging allegiance
To an orange orangutang
Who can’t decide if
Breakfast is liberal or conservative

George porgie, clinton pie.

200 years we see
Humpty’s falling down
The inaguration’s not far away
What do we do next?

300 years and the
Pilgrims started this mess
Some stories are fair
Some tales are grim
Is this the state of the union?

Queen’s holding the
Commonwealth together
Yet the Jester’s
Holding the states
By the balls..

400 years on
We’re the laughing stock
And momma I ain’t coming home
When has the guns
Become the social norm?

Land of the Free
Home of the Brave

It’s all become a memory of

Land of the Formerly Free
Home of the Depraved
Stupidity, Dishonesty
Has become our common goal

200 years later
We’ve laid to waste
What the Founding Fathers
Have spent their lives
To give us as a gift

What are we to do next?
Are we not owned by those that we fear?
What a shame.

2017 JE HALDEMAN (Visual Art/poem)



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