Well, I said it – coming soon.  I’ve got a wee announcement to make, me and another author are going to share paid hosting and set up more …sparkling awesome blogs.

S C’uanam Policar and I have been crazily trying to fix her blogspot, blogger whatever it is, and to no avail.  I can’t code, but i gave her a better option.  So i’ll be looking into reusing the RKP domain for other things, and probably registering a domain for me asap.  Don’t get me wrong, i’ll either cross post back to here, or i’ll feed in tours to this one i don’t know…

I just know that i have a hard time with free places, because the limitations pressed on me.

I also just finished a video teaser for my book, which DOES NOT COME OUT UNTIL DECEMBER. I DO NOT EVEN HAVE A COVER FOR IT YET ;___;…

So yea, for a tease i’ll give you this graphic:



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