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Castiel (Supernatural)
Castiel (Supernatural) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, i haven’t been posting much because i’ve been a little… well, caught up in watching two more Seasons of Supernatural. Yes, i’m complete nerd.  You don’t have to remind me… that’s pretty easy to guess.  I’m up to season 8 now, and i can’t really honestly watch more today until i get home.  (That’s cause vuze moved it when i didn’t want it to.)  Anyways..

We all know i’ve been picked up by Freaky Fiction Writing, but now that i’m officially considered an author etc – i’m going to be interviewed on a few blogs, and i’m going to try and do some interviews myself on here.  So if you’re interested go right ahead, comment or contact me.  Also, i’ll be trying to do way more reviews on here – I’ve been watching too much SPN and trying to focus on my finances. FFW also gave me permission to work on the rpg for Second Life, so i’ll be doing more with that soon.  I’ll link to that when i get more content sorted.   I may even turn it into an ACTUAL book rpg, which requires knowledge of dice systems, but i’m sure i could do that… it’d be an interesting thing.

Next week i’ll be in the middle of a kids holiday program so if i owe anyone interviews you will have to wait until after the 19th of July.   That’s 8 hours of dealing with kids for five days – and i do that like four times a year.

We, as in mom and i are getting another wacom to play with, and I’ve also picked up a cheapo stylus for my samsung to do art with. I will no longer be useless, and will be able to do A LOT MORE with commissioning things.  The stylus isn’t that great but it was three bucks, and I can do basic art with it and i’ve gotten Autodesk sketchbook for it.

I’m sort of still in surreal mode, this thing about publishing my book – it’s only been a week, and i’m just … I’m on cloud nine.  Though i still don’t get how to explain my book, or the details about it.   There’s things i’m looking into for the next book, I suppose i should update you readers so you have a sense of maybe saying your input eventually.

Justin WILL be in the next book, but the next book’s focus is more Kaji and a couple of new guys, Ryan and Mike.  It’ll sort of move in between back and forth between time, just to introduce scenes i left out of the first book.   Lily may or may not be in the next book, but if she does it’ll be the form you see from near the end of the first book possibly.

This book really is more about Kaji’s journey, and it will KEEP the title “FLAMES OF HALCYON” because it’s Kaji.  Skylar’s influence in the first book really impressed me when i created him with a friend’s help, and i love him as a character.  He’s runic, and he’s private – but when he trusts someone and enjoys them he’ll open up.  Sometimes he’ll open up too much, and not because he’s socially inept cause he’s not – but because he’s out to torment his friends.

I keep getting told you should never say who your chars are based off, and i agree – Kaji isn’t really “ANYONE” but a friend helped create him, and gave me permission to use likeness.  There’s another character coming in the 2nd book that another friend made, Crash – but i don’t have full details on how he’s going into the book.   There’s just a load of good content i have to pull through, because i have soo many ideas.

That RPG i keep mentioning, will be available in Second Life – and maybe again available via a forum.  I’ll need to get a sense of where i’m going to get land, and what buildings and the initial plot used.   Before that though i’ll need to develop more of the avatars i’m using for my book covers.

Eventually i’m going to get back into spotify and give you guys a chance to have the writing playlists i use, right now i’m broke a tiny bit so using spotify is out of my budget. I get a premium sub sometimes so i can listen without ads, and get it on my phone when i’m taking the dog on walks!

Anyways, i’m at a cafe and i’m kinda peckish for something to munch on ._. i might get something to drink in a minute!


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