An Angry Fan’s Plea: Just let it die…

English: Toshi and Yoshiki, from X Japan, duet...
English: Toshi and Yoshiki, from X Japan, duets at Japan Expo 2010 (Paris, France). Français : Toshi et Yoshiki, de X Japan, en duo à Japan Expo 2010 (Paris, France). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright, so you now know my roots in fandom started with comics – well after that came Anime…and then Jrock and Visual Kei.  We’ve come across several times, the ideal that I’ve butted head with each and every one of those Fandoms that inspired me to do what i’m doing now.   Worse off is the fact that as a fan, you feel jaded – cheated, and worse – unheard.   Not that i should complain, that’s quite normal when it comes to Marvel Comics.   The problem remains: If it’s broken, do you really need to keep fixing it?  Duct taping it isn’t going to work is it?

I am sticking my neck out here, and i’m not attempting to bash or pose libel, defamation towards ANY celebrity.  This is a post of opinion, and may not be true facts or even reality – it may even have been based sadly off former formations of gossip.  However this post isn’t meant to be used in the form of “So and so said this”.  So let me just legally state before i finish this post –  Unless I’ve committed a dire felony – that isn’t personal, and isn’t porn related…  Don’t even bother bringing this blog to the table.  🙂  Why? Because as i said it’s an OPINION.

Ok, now for those of you who want to know – it’s about X… or as the West knows them… X JAPAN.  I adore the talents individually of each member – but there is no NEW ERA of rock.   You cannot compare EASTERN music to WESTERN and expect to take over the world. There is a reason we haven’t heard of most VISUAL rock before 1985 –  It isn’t crap, it’s just that it never made it on the playlists of western radios.  Why? Because most people, and i mean most – don’t care for the flamboyant eastern style that Japanese music has.

Ayumi yes is the Japanese Mariah Carey – which probably means that she can’t act, and that she’s going to name her kids something highly ridiculous.

But this article

…Yea i’m not very impressed with this attitude.

You can’t already start a new Era, because you know what?  Rock reinvents itself, without help from one single band – it takes a revolution.  And it started with well – it started with the 50-60s and 70s decades – and won’t end.   It isn’t one person’s job to keep playing a broken record… X Japan sounds the same…  they sound good, but well i don’t like Toshi’s voice anymore that’s just me.  I don’t like the whole thing that they sound the same as they used to, you can’t reinvent music if you don’t reinvent yourself.  They lost hide, and yes hide himself wanted X to go on without him – but they broke up, nobody gathered Yoshiki would accidentally reformat himself into a major cash cow.

Yes, Yoshiki is a major awesome man – talented, intelligent – but he’s also business savvy.  He knows as a producer what makes the moolah, and he’s going to continue milking that cow until it’s no longer able to be milked.   One example is the failed Blood Red Dragon series, the writing was crap – the art was crap.   It wasn’t that the idea wasn’t a good one – it was the execution for the money he spent on it… almost made him a joke to western society.

X Japan isn’t widely known outside of Asia/Europe and the USA – so when you hit the south pacific?  It’s Hallyu this, it’s Korea that – Kpop rules the behind the scenes of international.   Asian music here in NZ is kpop, and even that isn’t really much more than Psy, 2NE1 and MBLAQ and a few others.

It’s a one track record..


If Yoshiki’s going to reinvent rock, how is he going to do it when he’s running down the same cash-cow paths hide’s brother supposedly has?   Both Hiroshi and Yoshiki are wonderful men – both intelligent, and kind and caring.  Problem is sometimes you have to shove yourself in your work until you become blind.   When you lose yourself to the money, what’s left – when you’ve sold yourself out to the world –  Who’s going to come and save you from the devil inside?

Again, you cannot reinvent rock with a one track – similar styled music format you’ve had for 30 years.   X Japan without hide is missing the grunt from tracks like Miscast, Weekend and a few other  Westernized machismo almost southern rock Supernatural esque soundtrack….  I don’t understand where this went, yet in a sense you could guess losing hide meant they couldn’t feel like they’d be able to continue on with his style.

““Recently I came to think I’ll start a new era of rock,” Yoshiki said at the conference held in Tokyo last month. It’d be no surprise to find discriminating fans of music approving his proposal, knowing that X Japan is peerless. “I was often told that people feel that my songs represent a fusion of the Eastern and Western worlds,” said Yoshiki, who has long been the main songwriter of X Japan. Still, the Chiba-born artist shows preference to Japanese style. “I’ve lived in the United States for a long time. But when I make a song without any constraint, my Japanese-taste melodies may come out.””  ~ Yoshiki in the Article linked above by FAITH AQUINO

Fusion doesn’t work in the USA, i’ve tried it – it’s going to forever be the conventions – because your name isnt Kyo.  You can’t play the “Operatic romantic voice” card with the metal heads in the USA.  You’ll get the twilight kids, and the anne rice kids outside of maybe a few anime conventions…  Japanese style anything is always going to be rejected and thought of as “FLAMBOYANT” or “GAY” – The world is still Xenophobic at best.

I don’t know, maybe i just feel that this is a dying trend, and we need to pave the way for NEW bands to reinvent rock –  David Bowie reinvented rock in the 70s but he was well under the age of 50.   Yoshiki is almost 50, he’s dealt with the death of his father, his best friend – and he’s dealt with severe depression, and many other issues…

When are we getting the Violet UK project?  When are we getting SKIN back? …

Don’t get me wrong… I do appreciate this man highly, but i get frustrated when an artist gets cocky and starts catty yacking all over the japanese music blogs in the west – you aren’t even touching the right news outlets.  When are we going to see your name all over the Pioneer Press?   See a concert OTHER  than in the nerdiest states ever?  When are you going to hit up one of the most important places in music history since the 70s?  First Avenue, Minneapolis – play there, and then come back to me and say you’ve reinvented music…

Because unless you’re Dir En Grey

You are still just the same half naked, shirtless rocker who’s better as a model on the cover of the women’s porn mags – than a reinvention and paving the way…

you did your reinvention – that gave us Dir En Grey, Luna Sea, SuG, LMC, Pierrot, Gazette etc – and so many more that like Hitsugi from Naitomea (Nightmare) have given new breath to eastern rock.

Until the USA puts down their “Zomg weeaboo” guns, eastern rock isn’t going anywhere… Sorry buddies.


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