Movie Review: 10 Inch Hero (Spoilers! and Event Announcement)

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Now, OK here’s the next thing, i watched an incredibly weird but heartwarming movie.  It’s not a 5 star movie, but it’s a good movie.  I like the in-between movies because they tend to have quirky qualities.

The Movie?  10 INCH HERO.

Now, it does star Jensen Ackles of the famed Supernatural series (and yes, that IS why i watched it… and  after awhile you realize Priestly is not Dean Winchester.)  and his now wife Danneel Harris(Ackles).   There are many revolving storylines to this movie, and it’s actually not a bad thing.  It’s centered around a light romance, and some sexual themes – but nothing out of the ordinary.  I’m no chick flick lover, but this was worth it’s “SALT” if you get what i mean.

Priestly calling Tish about the situation in the warzone.

The movie starts off with Piper biking around an art school campus, and hawking around for a house on High street.  She’s got the address written on her hand and you start to wonder why she’s looking around.  She wanders into a small town section in Santa Cruz to the Beach City Grill, with a now hiring sign on the front.   “NORMAL PEOPLE NEED NOT APPLY” – my first thought was “WHY CANT THEY EXIST IN REAL LIFE SO I CAN GO WORK WITH JENSEN ACKLES ON GRILL!!!!” – anyways… she gets an easy interview “Is Elvis Alive, is Mariah Carey alive (her response to MC was acting or singing?)” etc etc.  She gets hired, Priestly walks in and yabbers on about how he wasn’t notified.

You meet the rest of the cast easily with Tish always picking up a guy after shift,  Jen talking to Fuzzy on the computer, Piper walking around after Noah – Priestly wandering around like he’s hot stuff.  There’s Trecker or maybe his name was Trucker, who is going after Zo, who in the end you find a heart warming response to his attachment to the crystal lady across the street.

There are definite sorts of attachments to the Dean Winchester fandom in how Priestly acts; but he’s not one of those street smart cocky guys that you expect out of Supernatural.  That’s where the connection stops,  Jensen doesn’t use his voice in the same tones as Dean, and you almost feel like Priestly is a much younger soul in this sort of movie.  His t shirt and kilt wearing days make me smile, as it makes me miss the diverse culture the USA tends to have.

Jen’s attachment to the guy behind the screen, that made me really smile as an author and a nerd. I’ve gone through that issue, i’m usually in the background, i’ve had my issues… i’ve been through different relationships that never came to much. Except though, that uh whole “Southern Baptist COmp Nerd Virgin who’s never seen a sex toy” – Yea, i got dared to go into a porn shop at 18.  Then i got a tattoo…. so i’m not half as innocent as she is.  Virgin? … Who’s to say XD…. my eyes and ears certainley aren’t anymore at 30!

but yea, when she meets the guy of her dreams and she flakes out, honest to god – i know how she feels.

Tish, played by Danneel Harris, is even more interesting – because you take her as the hot chick who has brains but just wants to screw around with the guys.  She meets Tad and Brad – they order the 10 inch spicy italian, and two days later Tad brings Tish home. Things sort of fire up, and don’t get as far as she’d like – later they tend to come after her and abuse her…

Trecker finds his attachment to Zo, and realizes he was her high school fantasy…

All in all, everyone in this movie has a role to play – Tish, Piper, Jen, Priestly and everyone else.  It’s not meant to be a five star production, but it’s worth its production credit in gold.

I really do recommend

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki at the Comic...
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki at the Comic-Con International 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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