A different kind of story

So in the disclaimer, or another post i’m not sure which I said i was going to do impromptu writing with the charachters in my books.  This is sort of kinda called an “OMAKE” or what not, sometimes if fans do it’s a fan thing – but in manga and anime they have sort of … well i guess in TV It’s outtakes/gag reels or side stories.  Well in this case, I take them out of their internal struggles in the books and place them in semi normal environments.

In future, i’ll ask fans to participate and you can pick a situation, pick a charachter – and i’ll post it up on the blog.  Right now since my fanbase is low, to nil all i’m just going to do a few on my own.   I just finished Season 4 of supernatural, and i need to get my writing brain back on track.

So in this count, i’m going to just use  Saitou and Justin, and place them in sort of a domestic environment – it doesn’t really “SPOIL” anything in the books, because things are never 100% in a book – so don’t feel like you’re reading things you dont need to know. I’m one of those authors that just has too much crap laying around.

Now, the other thing is.. these are always going to be random, and usually in a sort of scriptish/roleplay format rather than story format. If they’re used in one of the books later, that’s cool – i’ll rewrite it into prose format etc – and it’ll end up there :).

Setting: Domestic sort of “relationship” setting… no particular location, just sort of a house or apartment maybe?

Warnings: If you don’t like gay people or gay relationships, get the hell off this blog entirely now LMAO.


Saitou: Do they sort of realize how fucking kardashian this is putting us together in a room and making us air our crap out on a blog?
Justin: ….It was my idea doofus, so shut it and cut the crap.. *Sighs* besides, there’s not much we can do but fix this anyways.
Sai: I’m not sure what you think you’re going to gain out of this situation, you know what i’m pissed off about and you think it’s fair to open end it in public?
Justin:  And it’s ok for you to hide away from me every time i come over and invite you back to talk to me?
Sai: You shrug your damn shoulders and keep on talking with that beer in your hand… like it’s nothing.
Justin: I’ve been sick, and i have friends that i need to catch up with.
Sai: … Oh, and it’s really fair on me to spend 24/7 watching stupid shitty shows and avoiding me?
Justin: …. Do you have a vagina, or are you just like on a gay man’s rag?  I don’t avoid you, i’ve been sick.
Sai: You’re not you anymore, i don’t see you in your eyes anymore.
Justin: What the fuck are you on about?
Sai: Your mind isn’t yours anymore.
Justin: This isn’t the place or time for that issue, take that up with me later…
Sai: Oh, so it’s ok to drag me here – and talk about everything else but what’s really plaguing you?
Justin: I didn’t expect you to go back on the rag about “You ain’t you fluffy hubby… you ain’t you” …  You know my issues, you married me for them, what in gods name do you expect?
Sai: … A lot more than what you’re giving me…
Justin: Which is what, i’m lying and i’m dishonest and i’m losing my mind?
Sai: Kind of, yea…
Justin: Are you fucking psycho?
Sai: Probably.
Justin: …I’m not sure where you’re going with this, i really am not sure.
Sai: Really, and it’s ok to just stare at me blankly when you know iv’e tried to help you and i’ve tried to be here for you but you push me away.
Justin: … are you just reaching for shit out of a bag now?
Sai: Maybe, maybe i am..
Justin: …. Alright fine, private it is.


>.> ok so i suck at making them kill each other over nothing 8D


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