Behind the Mask

Lyrical Free Write 1

Behind my mask

It’s nothing new that
i love you
for who you are
everything inbetween
a little sandwich cookie

You’d be suprised
what i’d give
if only i’d take off my mask
to prevent you from
behing scarred
from all the shit
i’ve done in life

Behind my mask.. behind my mask

Hold on a minute
I know your hurting
Don’t give me the cold shoulder
babe, it doesn’t matter what
gender you are..
i can take care of us both

Behind my mask.. behind my mask

Dealing a blow behind a door
telling you things aren’t
as they really are..

You know i care for you more than words
are spoken in a day
Yes i’m standing here in open arms.
Sadly i’m not here forever

That one
that the one you really cared about
turned their back and dealt
the blow
the blow that turned
your shoulder to me

Don’t ever let them do that to you baby..
Make em’ tell the truth to you.
Don’t let em’ get to you s obad
that you have to drink your sorrows away
That you have to think i’m not caring..
that you have to think i’m only here for kicks.
I care more than you think hon.

behind my mask .. behind my mask..

My thoughts are always mumbled with
your face
My mind is racing
and asking me to tell it how you are
If i’m to love you
as i say i do
Then you have to see me behind my mask


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