The Problematic Designer’s Issue

So today I had realized that my covers i’d designed for the Rise Of Chaos series still exist.  That’s cool, except I got paid pennies compared to most people who make those sorts of covers.   I gave up on fiverr ages ago, got real sick of the lack of cash i’d get paid to do things and not have enough to buy stock photos etc.   Anyways, my point of this post isn’t just about the covers, but that’s the main problem i guess.

Griffin’s books don’t suck, however the situation in which i got paid, and how the rest of payment was going through sucked harder than well.. a porn0 flick in the middle of 1850s germany.  First few books, fiverr – and i did his trailers, but most extra things got cut off them for some reason, lack of credit bugs me.   You pay pennies, you get watermarks – it’s that simple.   But even weirder is i did the Season 1 book cover, and after that he fell off the face of the planet.   Really strange, because the print version doesn’t show credit – just the kindle version.  I’m less worried about the kindle editions, and more about the print editions.   He was going to edit my book, and then he had no time to edit it – and now he’s off the face of the planet.

I don’t have a major degree in graphic design, but outside university besides my writing, design has been one of my fortes.  We all start somewhere, and I’m a little itched that this guy has sort of been out of commission on some level for months.

Besides all that?

I submitted final assignments the other day, and just figured out i failed AGAIN one of my courses.  So needless to say, i’m really flustered about it.  My flatmate offered to help me, but it’s one of those things that no matter how much help you give me – i’m not going to understand the content.   So i’m glad i’m not doing school next semester, and i’m not happy i failed again but at least the lecturer was really good about it.

Basically it was a research paper and i had to learn the way to evaluate implications based on social, ethical and legal issues – and then propose currency, relevance and the information pertaining to the source’s author.

I evidently didn’t evaluate, however i evidently summarized all the content and didn’t cite properly.  I hate citing shit, seriously – i’m sorry for swearing but i’m a creative writer at heart – even my academic essays all told a story, and that’s where i usually got crap grades.  The linear edge of an academic assignment always gave me a stress headache…

What else is going on?

I’m on season 4 of Supernatural.

Jared, i'm cosplaying Sam in a MN Wild Shirt!
This is me trying to look like Sam Winchester lol.

This is an interesting foray into my life here, because I’m pretty much obsessed with it now.  Every time you come into the room with a “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” I start singing Kansas.  The funny thing is, i only know the guitar riff and the chorus.

I’m your typical fan when it comes to these, i keep offering celebs my prized pizza bake like it’s my sexual virginity.  Just wait until my book’s actually out, and then i will start tweeting myself “JILL. I WILL SEND YOU FREAKING COOKIES. OH WAIT YOU ARE ME.”… i’m so retarded.

Well, i’m telling you this Misha Collins guy isn’t as hot as everyone else says but i really like him as an actor.  He’s to me the type you sit on a couch with a beer with and start making jokes about the other two main characters.  I’d like to think maybe if they made a movie out of my novels someday i could get Jared, Jensen and Misha to star in it somewhere.  (Am i really asking too much? XD)

I’ve now applied for a few jobs in town, and i’ve got my unemployment meeting next week – so i’m hoping my monetary woes kick up and go away.  I have goals in place finally, and i’m finally seeing that aforementioned light at the end of the tunnel.  With everything that’s been around between my mental health, and my wishy washy goal setting in the past – i’m happy i finally have some cemented goals in place.

So now that the semester is done, i’m going to get y’all to beta my book, and me and my flatmate will polish it off and then i’ll start getting some literary queries in to publishers and see how we go.   In the future i’ll post more samples of my previous work, and i’ll make some “mini fics” of the charachteres that you’ll only get on the blog, and not in the books.  Sometimes these might be the chars sitting in a semi-script/rp form, because it’s quicker and it’ll be like an interview LOL.

I have some sound files i made ages ago of some of the chars too, mainly of Kaji.. cause he’s fabuloso? XD

Alright, until next time – smell my farts and kiss my ass – i’ll see you on the flipside 🙂


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